TX START: Marzano's Strategies that Work

In this course, participants will learn, practice, and plan for the use of instructional strategies that have been shown to be the most impactful for all students. This learning opportunity, based on the research of Dr. Robert Marzano’s high yield strategies, is comprised of 4 1-hour parts, totaling 4 hours. Participants will walk away with instructional strategies to seamlessly implement into lessons.

Please note that there is a maximum timestamp of 10-days on this mini course in its entirety. If you have not completed the course, including lessons, lesson assignments, reflections, checks for understanding, and final assessment, within the 10-day allotment, the course will reset back to the beginning.

Enjoy Marzano's Strategies that Work course!

CPE Credit Hours: 4

  • Part 1: Learning
  • Part 1: Reflection
  • Part 1: Check for Understanding
  • Part 2: Learning
  • Part 2: Reflection
  • Part 2: Check for Understanding
  • Part 3: Learning
  • Part 3: Reflection sample
  • Part 3: Check for Understanding
  • Part 4: Learning
  • Part 4: Reflection
  • Part 4: Check for Understanding
  • Final Check for Understanding
  • Course Survey
  • Acknowledgements and Certification
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever